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2020 Tax Year

Wisconsin Assembly Bill #2 Signed Into Law

On February 18th, 2021, Governor Evers signed Assembly Bill #2 into Law.  This is important as this Law provides conformity to the Federal tax law.  Before we get into the news, let's explain how State Income Tax Conformity works.

联邦政府将有一项法案通过国会,并最终签署成为法律.  (For a fun video primer on THAT whole process, 请看《官方赌场》(Schoolhouse Rock)新法律可能会有修改联邦税法的条款, otherwise known as the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  States link to the IRC in various ways.  Some states have laws that allow for automatic conformity to the IRC.  这被称为滚动一致性,本质上意味着任何IRC更改将自动适用于该州,除非该州制定立法,从该纳税年度的特定更改中分离出来.  About half of the states in the nation have rolling conformity.  The remaining half of the states choose a fixed date or a 'static' date.  The state income tax code is linked to the IRC as it exists on a specific date.  These states do not automatically conform to Federal Law changes, 它通过立法机构采取具体行动,颁布IRC列出的全部或部分新联邦法律.  

Wisconsin is one of the static date states.

The Federal government passed the CARES Act on March 27, 2020.  Governor Evers signed into law Wisconsin Act 185 on April 15, 2020 which adopted a large number of tax provisions from the CARES Act.  The state of Wisconsin, for the most part, coupled with Federal law.  But then, 联邦政府制定了新的立法,并于12月27日签署成为法律, 被称为“综合拨款法案”的2020年,该法案改变了9个月前最初被纳入法律的许多税收条款.  威斯康辛州必须采取行动配合这些改变,或者不采取行动,坚持最初的关爱法案.  Assembly Bill #2 now allows Wisconsin to couple with the IRC.

You may ask how this impacts me.  目前,官方赌场正在挖掘与《官方赌场》相关的细节,以及与之脱钩的细节."  For those businesses with Paycheck Protection Program Loans, the tax considerations for the state of Wisconsin have now changed.  There may be other provisions in the new law that change as well.  你在2020年夏天收到的税务筹划和1月份的税务筹划是不同的, 2021, which is now again different from any Tax planning today and going forward.

税法的不断变化使报税服务成为你最好的朋友.  We are constantly staying on top of tax law changes through training and research.  We can advise you on those changes, both current changes and upcoming tax law changes, 帮助你的金融之船在波涛汹涌的税务海洋中航行.

2021 Tax Season preparing 2020 Tax Returns

Let's face it, 2020 as a year has been life changing for everyone!  新冠肺炎疫情的出现,给生活和企业带来了诸多干扰.  We are definitely still here, and have been open throughout the year.  官方赌场现在开业,并将于2021年开业,并像过去60多年来一样准备纳税申报单.  Like so many other businesses, 官方赌场已经做出了调整,在疫情期间保护官方赌场的客户和员工.  以下是官方赌场在准备2020年纳税申报单时对即将到来的2021年纳税季的计划.


In order to ensure the health of safety of our clients and our employee's, we will be instituting a drop off only process for this upcoming tax season.  We simply cannot have large gatherings of clients in our waiting room, it is just not possible in light of the current pandemic.  Rest assured, 官方赌场计划在2022年回到现场亲自报税的过程,假设疫苗会让所有人重新像往常一样聚集起来.  But, for 2021 we will be preparing tax returns by drop off only.

官方赌场已经尽官方赌场所能在官方赌场的税务办公室尽量减少接触COVID - 19.  We are asking anyone entering the building to wear a mask.  Medify空气过滤器与HEPA 13过滤器正在使用,以帮助空气循环.  官方赌场要求所有客户,如果您生病或有任何COVID - 19症状或COVID - 19检测呈阳性,请不要来办公室.  



而电话交谈仍将是官方赌场与客户沟通的核心方式, Acc-U-Rite Tax now has the ability to text you directly if you so desire.  当放下你的税务文书时,请把你的手机号包括在所得税清单上.

作为技术升级的一部分,官方赌场现在有了一个新的、用户友好的客户端门户.  如果你有兴趣使用这个为您的纳税申报单请给官方赌场电话.  For existing clients we can send you a link to create your portal access.  一旦你建立了你的用户名和密码,你可以上传几种文档类型,包括: PDF files, JPG Images, WORD Doc’s, and EXCEL Doc’s.  We can work on the tax return and when finished, we can download your tax return documents onto your portal.

该门户还提供远程客户端电子签名功能和在线信用卡支付税务筹划费的功能.  In essence, 你甚至不需要离开家,因为整个过程都可以远程完成.  请注意,只有在现有客户机特别请求时才会创建门户.  不能为新客户创建此门户,因为官方赌场必须亲自与您会面,以验证身份并在官方赌场的系统中建立您.


Acc-U-Rite Tax Service has been a family owned company since the 1950’s.  We understand that this year has been horrible for so many people.  Everyone will remember 2020 as an extremely challenging year.  These challenges can greatly affect your tax return this year.  In some instances, 你在纳税申报单上做出的决定也可能会影响你2021年和2022年的纳税申报单. 我个人希望并祈祷你和你的家人在这段艰难的时期都能安全健康.  We stand ready to assist you as we navigate this unique year. 

Best Regards;

Jason R Rose

President & CEO